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Default [BUG] - URL parsing

Well, lets get back into it aye? Something small to get things rolling.

if a link is posted with the HTTP protocol using the URL tag the colon is removed.
So if im in FF and copy a link from the address bar i get:

if i wrap that in URL tags, the link becomes

Which needless to say doesnt work.
This is a big issue in our music thread. The most important thread of all.


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If you remove the 's' from 'https' - it works.
Have been having this issue with my cake images... lol.
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I'm team Steve_God.
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how does any of this help steve retain rank 1?
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Ps. Go team steve
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oh and STEVE - GOD ftw cause he likes grandmas
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Stick to non-HTTPS for now. All the old parsing problems from "BBCode" are fixed internally but those fixes will have to wait for an overall update in the future, as a lot of function/code-names are being changed simultaneously (not a major change to be seen from doing that for players, but it updates a lot of the code for newer future-proofing of PHP/SQL and makes the code more readable too), so it wouldn't be possible to simply update the BBCode parser without updating everything else all at once as it currently stands!
- Azzer.
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