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Originally Posted by antisback View Post
Originally Posted by 'Tiger' View Post
I would favour towards the app stage myself. The age we live in now, if people want to play games, they want apps, not having to go on a website for it. Everything has an app now.

If people in this game downloaded the app, and it got advertised well, then the app could be just as successful.

In response to Dimitar's comment about phone access: I agree, and disagree. I agree because people continually running does get boring. But, I disagree because people only play through their phones. So because you dont like people running, you're going to stop people being able to play altogether? And also if you dont allow to play through phones, then an app or mobile friendly www wont be able to be made, possibly reducing potential customers.
You guys sound like the clients i have to deal with, "we need an app". Do you really or are you just saying that because apps are sexy. All bushtarion needs is a mobile friendly stylesheet - i'm not sure an app would provide any extra functionality above and beyond a responsive site.
Thats beside the fact azzer built bushtarion to be incredibly difficult to integrate with, the lack of apis and the cookie limit make it very difficult. I've been eperimenting with injecting css into the site with phonegap, watch this space i guess.
By having an you get to be on google play/itunes (as you probably know), which means the game is much easier to find for people.

It's also much easier to monetize the game and do marketing for it.

And bla bla bla.

Not sure how much effort is needed convert the game into an app, but it'd be worth it.

What are your clients doing anyway? If you wanna be in the gaming business you have to have an app, unless the game is solely for computers/consoles...
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Originally Posted by Obstacle View Post
Originally Posted by [Ninja-7] View Post
Maybe wait for a response from your locked thread instead of starting a new one.
I already explained in my other thread how that would be mobile friendly.

This is a general question wondering what people mean when they request an 'app' because most people don't know the difference between an 'app' and a website built to work on a mobile/tablet device.

Am I not allowed to ask legitimate questions now?
This question has already been asked in previous threads. Please use the forum search function before posting a redundant thread.
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