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Originally Posted by Garrett2 View Post
no offense taken. you are wrong with your assumption however. the 3 rounds i've been back have all been with different cores and players. and before i left - i either joined groups or led them. i often ended up with martin and polo off and on over the years... but my history is quite varied. in game, i've always helped those who i thought needed helping.

but this is straying from the topic of the thread. which is - solos really don't need much if anything more at this point.
I'm glad, about the no offence taken.

Yes, Martin and Polo are always a good duo to team with but they are also fun to play against if you fancy a change sometime.

I know solo's don't need much else, especially with so many multis and cheaters, but the point we/some of us were trying to make is simple.

There is no advantage of having some sort of incoming page, for visible/stealth units for PNaps other than the fact to save us the time/energy/bandwith or manually refreshing and doing intel on our PNaps each tick. Had we have some sort of incoming page what advantage would this give us over not having one?

I mean you can still do the same thing you could without one, just it's a little less boring and repetitive. That's the point we're trying to make here, it's not so much we need one; it'd would just make things more convenient. In order to defend without any reduction in ETA, we would still need to be online the moment an attacker sends. I know what you're saying, that it would be more like a mini alliance - but seriously what possible harm can that bring the game now?

Originally Posted by lillie View Post
Just go make a 3 man alliance then :/ <3 from n00bville

Pnapped solo`s have it good enough already imo though I do agree no harm in knowing about stealth inc. I like Dax`s idea and mod on defence would be rather useful.

In saying that I only go solo when I can`t be bothered doing much but from what I have seen most solo triangles are IN with an alliance somewhere along the line and can be quite a powerful trio to deal with as they are.

Pure solo is a ***** nothing worse than being zeroed and the ally train chuffs in
Aww lilow, you are so cute hehehe, speaking of n00bville, have you ever played FarmVille or any game like that where you need to do the same thing like 500 times just to get to the next level?

It gets so repetitive that you want to physically hang yourself, especially when you have like 15x15 acres to manually click each time I actually went as cheap as setting up a bot to do mine, and then I had the best FarmVille of all my friends! Then I deleted it because even using a bot became a chore.

That is the point here, and you've actually done really well with your joke to make me realise how to explain what we mean. It's not that we need it easier, nothing like that at all!

For us active solos, who DO NOT use phones are the ones who will benefit the most.

For contactable solos who use phones will benefit as well, but they will always come online and most likely run anyway! So it doesn't help them as much as a UC solo, as they don't need to defend half the time.

Originally Posted by Iamsmart View Post
Just give them their own 'Your alliance' page

I like the way you think Iamnoob!

Originally Posted by Dax View Post
I support the stealth news item for solos, IF they sign onto a "pure solo" styled option, then had to pay for it as an intel tech after spies. Simple.


Tue 10th Dec, year 4. Dusk (66 ticks ago) Stealth News
Unknown staff incoming
A very thoughtful suggestion indeed, this I really like.

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