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Lanky is an unknown quantity at this point

This is purely my opinion, people may disagree and are more than welcome to. Before I get accused of circle-jerking with my alliance mates.

Alliance of the Round

I'm going to say GCHQ. Because of the abuse/punishment we endured, but still found the drive to carry on and not give up.

Best Offensive Alliance

I don't actually know who I'm voting for here. RU for smashing everyone and taking the lead? GCHQ for the real offensives, stealing more land than we lost? Smed for being persistent?

Best Defensive Alliance

I'm going to say GCHQ here again, purely for one reason - Edd. It's amazing to watch the composure under such pressure. The calm, collective and rational thinking.

But, Smed and UT did a great job of defending too. It was very hard taking land when not retalliating.

Honourable Mention Alliance

Reason being: Joel Smedley was a great lad, cheeky, funny but also caring. It was awesome to see people in an online game full of internet strangers who dedicated an alliance to someone I went to school with. So thank you.

Worst Alliance

RU for being douches and not letting us get a shot at taking our land back

But on a serious note - SP.

Best Leader

Edd, for reasons mentioned above. I love you, man.

Worst Leader

FER!! FU! 'nuff said.

Player of the Round - Allied

As Edd mentioned - Loz for babysitting us and sacrificing all his land while the majority of GCHQ restarted and got fat. Without you baby I wouldn't have gotten the stealer stat!

Player of the Round - Solo


Best Offensive Player

Toss up between FFX with the offensive work he put in with the F117's or Souls for keeping everyone on their toes with the TL rushes.

Best Defensive Player


Honourable Mention Players

Fearny, Tom and Cryo - Don't recall playing with these guys before. But they were a great addition to the team and slotted right in like we'd known them for years.

Worst Player


Best Moment of Round

Waking up to Signer being killed, as a result kicking GCHQ into FTW/Revenge mode. For Caz!

Worst Moment of Round

Waking up to Signer being killed

Or RU mass sleeping and deleting

Or being raped into oblivion by SP and as a result the bigger, mean alliances.
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