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I would like to open by saying thanks to everyone allied this round. Before Azzer introduced the 12 man limit, we (even Fer) stuck to 10 person teams and that made things pretty interesting. Tech timings and route choices were all over the place, defense was pretty funny and for the first time in a few rounds it took a little time to know which alliance was actually hitting you. I also enjoyed our ally hits vs SP before we started to get 10 man retalled at 2am, 12pm and 8pm.

I know RIPsmed went and got two more but they were not in contention at the time so i'm not fussed about that.

Alliance of the Round:

I don't like to vote for my own alliance and sometimes just skip this one buuuut... given we got properly crushed by SP, came back when LO fell and took a beating from RU for what felt like a long time, then mass restarted, formed a resistance and ended up on top of one of the craziest round ends for a while; I feel like GCHQ actually does deserve this. As leader I am pretty biased, but objectively there's not many alliances that wade through the s*** and then move through the gears as we did. I owe a big thanks to the crew that I've come to love through many solo and allied rounds - we work very well together. I think our chemistry, both in chat and in bush coordination, is the reason we can play competitively and iím proud that we can take on so many new members and still keep the same spirit that we always have.

P.S. double thanks dellie for all the amazing picture edits and ally banners.

Best Offensive Alliance:

Leftovers for probably being the only rank 4 ally in history to steal more off the rank 1 than they lost to rank 1.

Double GCHQ 17,000 15,000

Best Defensive Alliance:

I always appreciate an ally that makes it hard to take land at most points throughout the round, for me Smed did this well, obviously not as well as LO though

Honourable Mention Alliance:

Square planet proved that us sphere believers have to complain to god to win this argument.

Hats off to RU for coming out on top for the most part...and for the biggest upset of all?

LO for doing their own thing, like i keep saying i'll do and then getting sucked into the rabbit hole farther and farther every day the round goes on.

Worst Alliance:


Best Leader:

RU's leader for sweet talking his alliance into oblivion like every good cult leader aims to do...

Worst Leader:

QS/Jesse for the end of truce bs. I've seen the messages and I just can't read them in any way that doesn't make it sound like your side agreed to see out the truce until the morning, only to kill signer 6 hours later.

This is actually two-fold. Ultimately it was this move that we euros all woke up to and were completely enraged by. I don't think i've been so fired up over bush in a long time. This is what spawned the full on FTW mentality we embraced for the last 10 days.

Player of the Round - Allied:

Loz for being a total champ throughout the round but especially our restart period.

Player of the Round - Solo:


Player of the Round

Cryo had a great half round as a solo and I reckon an even better one in GCHQ. He was the brains in the resistance and his rushes and activity/advice went a long way to our success after that. Always watching out for us in all senses, thank you.

Best Offensive Player:

I agree with others that our other harrier with the 50m F117 has been great. Well done Wouter for picking up the triple win.
Souls as well actually, i disliked you this round

Best Defensive Player:

GCHQ nightcover has put in a really good round. Such a tough job against SP and now against UT/Smed rushes as well. Thanks guys.

Honourable Mention Player:

Monk, I've very much enjoyed you not being in a bigger alliance than me for most of this round. More of this please.
Toby/Dimitar/whoever else in RU was relentless in offence against us.
Leeroy for trying to do the same thing he did two rounds ago but up against 400m+ striker/rpg/harrier as well as dogs. Good effort anyway.
Scorp/intense for being rocks.
Boogie/Younge for keeping an eye out
First time playing with Fearny, Tom and Loz. I recommend these guys to anyone looking to pick up an extra, really happy to have had the pleasure of their company this round.
Jason for willingly giving up his spot in our ally as he wasn't able to be active when we got our second wind.
Lanky for a sensational PW I think we all enjoyed exploring a different version of bush.

Wouter, Twigley, RU leader - Thanks for tossing away r1 so the unsuspecting fourth choice could find their way to the finish line in first place. GCHQ feels like flight of the conchords.

Worst Player:


Best Moment of Round:

Attacking SP with 6 serf players on day 2/3.

Azzer coming back was such an uplifiting moment for the community.

Seeing our alliance 12/12 with hope for decent BRs again.

Playing with CharlieB for the first time in the PW.

Having success against the resistance. I'm gonna lead a winning ally and not leave for once

Worst Moment of Round:

Getting crushed by SP relentlessly. You all know what it's like to get owned by multis, it just feels annoying/numbing and hopeless. Some want to go crazy active to punish them, some people want to give up and others want to GC to shove it in Fer's face but none of it makes a difference vs the constant and overwhelming activity. Honestly, F*** you Fer.

Younge (GCHQ original leader) dropping out for personal reasons and for Fer. Inheriting leadership when the alliance was in a state of despair, thinking we had nothing left to give this round and that people would be content to just go to the next round if not take a long break for the multi s***. (Thanks to whoever started the mass restarts and to cryo/twigs for joining us and bringing new life).
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