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Alliance of the Round:

GCHQ, good attack good defence proper ftw ally

Best Offensive Alliance:

GCHQ, relentless attacks, we didn't last long

Best Defensive Alliance:

RIP SMED, couldn't get land off of them, I remember when a big 2 v 1 with us and GCHQ was sent and was a full recall

Honourable Mention Alliance:

Undertakers, for participating

Worst Alliance:

Rightunders, gotta stick it out for more then one wave

Best Leader:

Not actually sure who is leading GCHQ but whoever that is

Worst Leader:
QS, for driving us with his usual guidence and luster

Player of the Round - Allied:

Scorpio/Intense, kept us together with defence most of the round

Player of the Round - Solo:

Twigley & Cryo, it's tough being solo as is but being the top was a lot of work

Best Offensive Player:

Dimitar, always came in bang on the right time to steal land / Wouter with those annoying vamps

Best Defensive Player:

Whoever planned RIP SMED defence

Honourable Mention Player:

Leeroy, no rounds complete without leeroy

Worst Player:

Didn't see anyone exceptionally bad

Best Moment of Round:

Convincing everyone to make the Undertakers

Worst Moment of Round:

When all my small droids died
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