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I've not paid much attention since the start of the round so these are quite heavily biased in favour of the bits I did notice.

Alliance of the Round - RU held on to their unexpected first place most of the round, so kudos for that. GCHQ did well to weather early beatings to come back and seemingly win it.
Best Offensive Alliance - only saw two days of serious alliance inc this round so can't really judge.
Best Defensive Alliance - we didn't really organise the kind of attacks that required much impressive defence, so I can't really judge this either. RU did quite well at blocking us when we tried to him them I guess.
Honourable Mention Alliance - Discworld and Moonlight Drive for hanging in there, doing their own thing.
Worst Alliance - this can't possibly be anyone other than SP. UT take the runner up spot.
Best Leader - I refuse to believe astan did any leading so Ed I guess? Honourable mention to Rob for being err... consistent.
Worst Leader - FeR. Second place to RIP Smed's leader for breaking the 10 man alliance limit. From the sounds of things UT's leader also deserves a mention for breaking the truce although I haven't heard their side of it.
Player of the Round - Allied - Dachi seemed to be the edge in RU's ascent to the top.
Player of the Round - Solo - Obviously Cryo/Quitus/Twig did OK at the start but then they gave up, so maybe sovetnik gets this for ploughing his own solo furrow all round and possibly winning h/f.
Best Offensive Player - Wouter and Kev dominated the start of the round, fair play to them.
Best Defensive Player - Monk had an 'inactive round' but was still the most useful player in LO for most of the round.
Honourable Mention Player - Sam was a real thorn in our side early on. Most of RU did better than expected to be fair! And as always I had good fun playing with everyone in LO.
Worst Player - **** YOU SOULS
Best Moment of Round - Azzer's return to lock FeR. In second place RU's mass sleep/delete was historic & hilarious, doubly so when some people got so precious about it.
Worst Moment of Round - I guess it was the growing suspicion that cheats were running r1 & the worry that it would make the game untenable.
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