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Alliance of the Round - GCHQ most definitely, got dealt the worst hand, bashed by FeR and his 9 ID's (alliances were player agreed 10 at the time ofc) but came out on top.
Best Offensive Alliance - GCHQ, had successful retals vs UT and RIP when they started their 2v1, dealt a ton of damage vs UT with rushes, some fun offense really.
Best Defensive Alliance - GCHQ, have held their own vs a 2v1 quite well.
Honourable Mention Alliance - RIP, their defence was not too shabby when not out at us.
Worst Alliance - Square Planet obviously, cheating shenanigans should never be acceptable
Best Leader - Ed, clear strategic thinking and amazing defence coordination.
Worst Leader - Jesse/QS, both agreed to keep a 12hr truce to give everyone proper notice that our resistance truce was coming to an end, yet 2 or 3hrs started to attack GCHQ. NB! Thanks to RIP for keeping your word on this.
Player of the Round - Allied - Can't name him yet but GCHQ's F117 dudette, awesome night cover for our EU contingent and did some serious work with those planes.
Player of the Round - Solo - Have to give this one to Twigs/Quitus and myself (Cryo), we had an amazing round until we restarted, had a few amazing defensive plays and didn't die
Best Offensive Player - No one really stuck out here, nothing too fancy was done.
Best Defensive Player - No one particularly stood out since everyone brought their side I think for the most part, but from Ed who dealt with GCHQ defence fast and efficiently, I'd go with him.
Honourable Mention Player - Monk, LO's bastion really, always available to help out and helped them immensely once they fell from rank 1. Also Lanky and his unequivocal love for korma, it has had our camp in total awe.
Worst Player - Anyone who thinks the resistance that formed vs RU was overpowered, the numbers just don't lie, resistance sat on 235b troop score 2 days after RU hit sleep mode whereas RU were at 280-290b troop score. The fact that the resistance stuck it out and grew while RU were in sleep mode was the risk they took. Has nothing to do with the players that stuck it out in the resistance.
Best Moment of Round - The resistance paying off after we stuck it out for the 2 week sleep mode by rank 1
Worst Moment of Round - RIP's leader telling me that beyond the last 12hrs peace period they got no intention of working with anyone, then same day the 2v1 started vs us (GCHQ), was a shame really, end of the day you do what the majority in your alliance wants I guess, whether its a scumbag move or not
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