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Cryo hurt my feelings and bullied me into writing this. In hindsight I gave in too easily

Alliance of the Round:
Obviously most people will name their own alliance, as have I.
Obviously most people will disagree with RU being the best alliance, and they'd be right by their criteria for success.
For me RU was the best alliance because when I joined I expected us to be rock-bottom. Actually no, I expected LO to be rock-bottom and us to be RIGHT UNDER them. heh.
We showed we can compete with the other alliances in terms of skill and wit, definitely not in terms of motivation, organization and dedication.
I know a lot of you hate us for sleeping and deleting but it was a pretty good troll. I know we had more score and troops and whatever, but we had 0 will to fight because we were already super exhausted (it didn't take much to exhaust us)

Best Offensive Alliance:
GCHQ. Looks like they beat the rest when they were all pretty equal, so they must have done the best.

Best Defensive Alliance:
GCHQ. Same as the above.

Honourable Mention Alliance:
Fun guys, they also did better than I expected for a while, but I guess my prediction of them being rock-bottom and us being right under actually came true.

Worst Alliance:
The cheaters whatever they were called

Best Leader:
I don't know how involved any of the leaders were, so I'm not giving this to anyone.

Worst Leader:
Rob for not picking me in the draft (Powerblock fuel)
Stevey for not recruiting me... AGAIN
Atsan for being a bit of a scorequeen, a bit selfish and doing a whole lot of whining and not much leading. Sorry Atsan.

Player of the Round - Allied:
For me it was Dachi by a mile. He was pivotal to absolutely everything positive we did as an alliance. He's also probably the most efficient player I've ever seen. He's not often online, but he's never *just* online. If he's logged in, he's either stealing, killing, or telling people who to kill and where to steal. 0 wasted ticks.

Player of the Round - Solo:
Did better than anyone while he was solo. I was disappointed when he deleted because we were planning on fighting their group pretty soon, and it would've been fun.
Alternatively someone who did stay solo all round long, but I can't think of anyone right now (been a long time since I played heh)

Best Offensive Player:
Dachi again. Stole an insane amount of land, and probably half the land in our alliance was gained through his planning.

Best Defensive Player:
Souls and Sean for being our nightcover and I know that job is boring. It must've been tougher on Souls because Sean is terrible company.

Honourable Mention Player:
Toby, Rob, Wouter, Alci and Charlie for keeping the powerblock channel alive (fueeeeeeeel)

Worst Player:
Honestly don't know, but I've heard rumours that there were people who spent insane amounts of cash on GC and it became nearly their main source of income, and that just feels wrong to me. I don't recall bush every being pay-to-win and I hope it this doesn't become the meta. Could only be rumours, so take with a pinch of salt.

Best Moment of Round:
I was always pretty happy each time I managed to get rank 1 for land, and I even got my second highest ever total acres, first being all the way back in R31

Worst Moment of Round:
Deleting. Not gonna lie, I wanted to continue from a selfish point of view. However prior to the sleep mode, I was definitely in the bottom half of the alliance in terms for effort put into the game, and I wasn't prepared to take on a greater responsibility for the remainder of the round. I quickly realized a decision to continue would place a much bigger burden on the more commited people, who were already overworking themselves for the alliance.
There was a sense of calm and relief in the end. As I write this I am becoming increasingly paranoid and filled with existential dread. Someone please find a way to make us immortal

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