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Alliance of the Round: GCHQ; they won. Also, they had the roughest start because of the cheaters. Would have been interesting to see what would have happened without the cheaters.
Best Offensive Alliance: donít know
Best Defensive Alliance: donít know
Honourable Mention Alliance: RU; if there hadnít been an overpowered mass resistance they would have won.
Worst Alliance: those cheating *******s
Best Leader: donít know
Worst Leader: donít know
Player of the Round - Allied: donít know
Player of the Round - Solo: Boogie
Best Offensive Player: donít know
Best Defensive Player: Masa, carrier of Discworld.
Honourable Mention Player: FeR, for bringing Azzer back.
Worst Player: Twigley, at least for the first part of the round. Lots of crying, almost no actual playing.
Best Moment of Round: Being rank 1 score for quite some time, didnít happen to me very much before :p, also the moment I got rank 1 effectiveness, rank 1 BH and rank 1 H/F. Also, the moment Azzer got back. Made me happy!
Worst Moment of Round: getting our (LO) asses kicked by RU. We crumbled like a house of cards!
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