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Alliance of the Round: GCHQ. I called it early they would win and we did. I liked their attitude all round before and after I joined. Looks like the rank 1 ally too after being rank 5 with almost all restarts. Plus put up with being 2v1d very well. Some of the leadership played politics pretty well too.
Best Offensive Alliance: GCHQ. I know from receiving incs that nothing was impressive but I did see GCHQ doing some nice retals, attacking & defending vs 2 alliances and generally never really lost attacks. Some of the biggest brs also involved GCHQ.
Best Defensive Alliance: GCHQ. Great effort vs the 2v1. The defensive activity and orders from the organisers was very impressive. Nobody complains and everyone gets on to being prodded.
Honourable Mention Alliance: GCHQ. I think they played with the most honour.
Worst Alliance: Square Planet for cheating or RU for the mass sleep/delete amongst other things.
Best Leader: Ed.
Worst Leader(s): Treedude & Atsan. Powerblock.
Player of the Round - Allied: Too many to chose from within GCHQ. Wouter got rank 1 most damage but his attacks on me when I was solo were beyond terrible and I see he got most of that stat from farming against smaller less skilled/active players when he couldnt compete at the top. Which is why even though they didnt get rank 1 damage, there were a fair few brilliant killers in GCHQ.
Player of the Round - Solo: Me, Cryo and Quitus when we were solo. Rank 1 Ezmode. We were very very solid and it was evidenced by just how hard it was to be successful against us.
Best Offensive Player: The F117 guy in GCHQ who I cant name yet.
Best Defensive Player: Just everyone in GCHQ really. The collective defensive display has been great to watch.
Honourable Mention Player: Quitus for not being salty about Cryo and I joining GCHQ.
Worst Player: Leeroy. There were lots of bad players I could chose from but your 'outside of game' talk on Discord firmly cements you here.
Best Moment of Round: Restarting with GCHQ. After realising i picked a route that was more alliance oriented and deleting, being in an ally with the banter and interest was great.
Worst Moment of Round: Realising playing as a rank 1 solo thief was very very boring.

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