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Jerrysminion is an unknown quantity at this point

Nope, we don't even have the slightest idea of what a multi is..except for the notion that they are perfect candidates to be relentlessly zero'd... time after time...

YOU sound like someone whom listens to RT news too much.

Mr. Dachi... Here are a few question for YOU.

What does a Multi look like ?
Why does an Ostrich stick it's head into the ground?
Why is question #2 relevant to you or all of these questions about "multis"
How does their playing style DIFFER from that of a legit player?
Are their planting patterns different... for a multi versus a legit player?
How common is it when TWO different players forget to recall from an attack on the same tick when SAS is triggered?
Is it common for a player(s) to leave an alliance due to suspecting their own leader is cheating?

My final question for you Mr. Dachi.... Is their anyone monitoring / regulating the game now?

From what it seems.... It looks as though anyone can create a second or even a third account on the same IP.... Thus.... Implying... why an ostrich is relevant in this entire affair.

Cheers, happy holidays.

Psst... I am not claiming anything ...
....except why ostriches are / are not relevant

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How do you know that only two of them are online?

Like the ostridge...
By sticking our heads in the ground.

How do you know that there are more of those kunts online ?
Well, first of all I never claimed they had more online than two. You however claimed to know the exact number, which made me curious, but by your ridiculous answer I guess you have no clue. Judging online players based on drive by's, answers to mails or defense sent is dubious at best.

It is perfectly normal for an alliance to set a time for a planned attack and have members come online for it, even if they had less people defending earlier.

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