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Twigley 31-08-2021 11:26 AM

Round 84 Awards
Alliance of the Round
Best Offensive Alliance
Best Defensive Alliance
Honourable Mention Alliance
Worst Alliance
Best Leader
Worst Leader
Player of the Round - Allied
Player of the Round - Solo
Best Offensive Player
Best Defensive Player
Honourable Mention Player
Worst Player
Best Moment of Round
Worst Moment of Round

Twigley 31-08-2021 11:43 AM

Alliance of the Round: GCHQ. I called it early they would win and we did. I liked their attitude all round before and after I joined. Looks like the rank 1 ally too after being rank 5 with almost all restarts. Plus put up with being 2v1d very well. Some of the leadership played politics pretty well too.
Best Offensive Alliance: GCHQ. I know from receiving incs that nothing was impressive but I did see GCHQ doing some nice retals, attacking & defending vs 2 alliances and generally never really lost attacks. Some of the biggest brs also involved GCHQ.
Best Defensive Alliance: GCHQ. Great effort vs the 2v1. The defensive activity and orders from the organisers was very impressive. Nobody complains and everyone gets on to being prodded.
Honourable Mention Alliance: GCHQ. I think they played with the most honour.
Worst Alliance: Square Planet for cheating or RU for the mass sleep/delete amongst other things.
Best Leader: Ed.
Worst Leader(s): Treedude & Atsan. Powerblock.
Player of the Round - Allied: Too many to chose from within GCHQ. Wouter got rank 1 most damage but his attacks on me when I was solo were beyond terrible and I see he got most of that stat from farming against smaller less skilled/active players when he couldnt compete at the top. Which is why even though they didnt get rank 1 damage, there were a fair few brilliant killers in GCHQ.
Player of the Round - Solo: Me, Cryo and Quitus when we were solo. Rank 1 Ezmode. We were very very solid and it was evidenced by just how hard it was to be successful against us.
Best Offensive Player: The F117 guy in GCHQ who I cant name yet.
Best Defensive Player: Just everyone in GCHQ really. The collective defensive display has been great to watch.
Honourable Mention Player: Quitus for not being salty about Cryo and I joining GCHQ.
Worst Player: Leeroy. There were lots of bad players I could chose from but your 'outside of game' talk on Discord firmly cements you here.
Best Moment of Round: Restarting with GCHQ. After realising i picked a route that was more alliance oriented and deleting, being in an ally with the banter and interest was great.
Worst Moment of Round: Realising playing as a rank 1 solo thief was very very boring.

Wouter 31-08-2021 12:25 PM

Alliance of the Round: GCHQ; they won. Also, they had the roughest start because of the cheaters. Would have been interesting to see what would have happened without the cheaters.
Best Offensive Alliance: donít know
Best Defensive Alliance: donít know
Honourable Mention Alliance: RU; if there hadnít been an overpowered mass resistance they would have won.
Worst Alliance: those cheating *******s
Best Leader: donít know
Worst Leader: donít know
Player of the Round - Allied: donít know
Player of the Round - Solo: Boogie
Best Offensive Player: donít know
Best Defensive Player: Masa, carrier of Discworld.
Honourable Mention Player: FeR, for bringing Azzer back.
Worst Player: Twigley, at least for the first part of the round. Lots of crying, almost no actual playing.
Best Moment of Round: Being rank 1 score for quite some time, didnít happen to me very much before :p, also the moment I got rank 1 effectiveness, rank 1 BH and rank 1 H/F. Also, the moment Azzer got back. Made me happy!
Worst Moment of Round: getting our (LO) asses kicked by RU. We crumbled like a house of cards!

Dimitar 31-08-2021 01:53 PM

Cryo hurt my feelings and bullied me into writing this. In hindsight I gave in too easily

Alliance of the Round:
Obviously most people will name their own alliance, as have I.
Obviously most people will disagree with RU being the best alliance, and they'd be right by their criteria for success.
For me RU was the best alliance because when I joined I expected us to be rock-bottom. Actually no, I expected LO to be rock-bottom and us to be RIGHT UNDER them. heh.
We showed we can compete with the other alliances in terms of skill and wit, definitely not in terms of motivation, organization and dedication.
I know a lot of you hate us for sleeping and deleting but it was a pretty good troll. I know we had more score and troops and whatever, but we had 0 will to fight because we were already super exhausted (it didn't take much to exhaust us)

Best Offensive Alliance:
GCHQ. Looks like they beat the rest when they were all pretty equal, so they must have done the best.

Best Defensive Alliance:
GCHQ. Same as the above.

Honourable Mention Alliance:
Fun guys, they also did better than I expected for a while, but I guess my prediction of them being rock-bottom and us being right under actually came true.

Worst Alliance:
The cheaters whatever they were called

Best Leader:
I don't know how involved any of the leaders were, so I'm not giving this to anyone.

Worst Leader:
Rob for not picking me in the draft (Powerblock fuel)
Stevey for not recruiting me... AGAIN
Atsan for being a bit of a scorequeen, a bit selfish and doing a whole lot of whining and not much leading. Sorry Atsan.

Player of the Round - Allied:
For me it was Dachi by a mile. He was pivotal to absolutely everything positive we did as an alliance. He's also probably the most efficient player I've ever seen. He's not often online, but he's never *just* online. If he's logged in, he's either stealing, killing, or telling people who to kill and where to steal. 0 wasted ticks.

Player of the Round - Solo:
Did better than anyone while he was solo. I was disappointed when he deleted because we were planning on fighting their group pretty soon, and it would've been fun.
Alternatively someone who did stay solo all round long, but I can't think of anyone right now (been a long time since I played heh)

Best Offensive Player:
Dachi again. Stole an insane amount of land, and probably half the land in our alliance was gained through his planning.

Best Defensive Player:
Souls and Sean for being our nightcover and I know that job is boring. It must've been tougher on Souls because Sean is terrible company.

Honourable Mention Player:
Toby, Rob, Wouter, Alci and Charlie for keeping the powerblock channel alive (fueeeeeeeel)

Worst Player:
Honestly don't know, but I've heard rumours that there were people who spent insane amounts of cash on GC and it became nearly their main source of income, and that just feels wrong to me. I don't recall bush every being pay-to-win and I hope it this doesn't become the meta. Could only be rumours, so take with a pinch of salt.

Best Moment of Round:
I was always pretty happy each time I managed to get rank 1 for land, and I even got my second highest ever total acres, first being all the way back in R31

Worst Moment of Round:
Deleting. Not gonna lie, I wanted to continue from a selfish point of view. However prior to the sleep mode, I was definitely in the bottom half of the alliance in terms for effort put into the game, and I wasn't prepared to take on a greater responsibility for the remainder of the round. I quickly realized a decision to continue would place a much bigger burden on the more commited people, who were already overworking themselves for the alliance.
There was a sense of calm and relief in the end. As I write this I am becoming increasingly paranoid and filled with existential dread. Someone please find a way to make us immortal

Monster_Dog 31-08-2021 01:55 PM

Alliance of the Round - GCHQ most definitely, got dealt the worst hand, bashed by FeR and his 9 ID's (alliances were player agreed 10 at the time ofc) but came out on top.
Best Offensive Alliance - GCHQ, had successful retals vs UT and RIP when they started their 2v1, dealt a ton of damage vs UT with rushes, some fun offense really.
Best Defensive Alliance - GCHQ, have held their own vs a 2v1 quite well.
Honourable Mention Alliance - RIP, their defence was not too shabby when not out at us.
Worst Alliance - Square Planet obviously, cheating shenanigans should never be acceptable
Best Leader - Ed, clear strategic thinking and amazing defence coordination.
Worst Leader - Jesse/QS, both agreed to keep a 12hr truce to give everyone proper notice that our resistance truce was coming to an end, yet 2 or 3hrs started to attack GCHQ. NB! Thanks to RIP for keeping your word on this.
Player of the Round - Allied - Can't name him yet but GCHQ's F117 dudette, awesome night cover for our EU contingent and did some serious work with those planes.
Player of the Round - Solo - Have to give this one to Twigs/Quitus and myself (Cryo), we had an amazing round until we restarted, had a few amazing defensive plays and didn't die :o
Best Offensive Player - No one really stuck out here, nothing too fancy was done.
Best Defensive Player - No one particularly stood out since everyone brought their side I think for the most part, but from Ed who dealt with GCHQ defence fast and efficiently, I'd go with him.
Honourable Mention Player - Monk, LO's bastion really, always available to help out and helped them immensely once they fell from rank 1. Also Lanky and his unequivocal love for korma, it has had our camp in total awe.
Worst Player - Anyone who thinks the resistance that formed vs RU was overpowered, the numbers just don't lie, resistance sat on 235b troop score 2 days after RU hit sleep mode whereas RU were at 280-290b troop score. The fact that the resistance stuck it out and grew while RU were in sleep mode was the risk they took. Has nothing to do with the players that stuck it out in the resistance.
Best Moment of Round - The resistance paying off after we stuck it out for the 2 week sleep mode by rank 1
Worst Moment of Round - RIP's leader telling me that beyond the last 12hrs peace period they got no intention of working with anyone, then same day the 2v1 started vs us (GCHQ), was a shame really, end of the day you do what the majority in your alliance wants I guess, whether its a scumbag move or not ;)

Charlie_B 31-08-2021 02:48 PM

I've not paid much attention since the start of the round so these are quite heavily biased in favour of the bits I did notice.

Alliance of the Round - RU held on to their unexpected first place most of the round, so kudos for that. GCHQ did well to weather early beatings to come back and seemingly win it.
Best Offensive Alliance - only saw two days of serious alliance inc this round so can't really judge.
Best Defensive Alliance - we didn't really organise the kind of attacks that required much impressive defence, so I can't really judge this either. RU did quite well at blocking us when we tried to him them I guess.
Honourable Mention Alliance - Discworld and Moonlight Drive for hanging in there, doing their own thing.
Worst Alliance - this can't possibly be anyone other than SP. UT take the runner up spot.
Best Leader - I refuse to believe astan did any leading so Ed I guess? Honourable mention to Rob for being err... consistent.
Worst Leader - FeR. Second place to RIP Smed's leader for breaking the 10 man alliance limit. From the sounds of things UT's leader also deserves a mention for breaking the truce although I haven't heard their side of it.
Player of the Round - Allied - Dachi seemed to be the edge in RU's ascent to the top.
Player of the Round - Solo - Obviously Cryo/Quitus/Twig did OK at the start but then they gave up, so maybe sovetnik gets this for ploughing his own solo furrow all round and possibly winning h/f.
Best Offensive Player - Wouter and Kev dominated the start of the round, fair play to them.
Best Defensive Player - Monk had an 'inactive round' but was still the most useful player in LO for most of the round.
Honourable Mention Player - Sam was a real thorn in our side early on. Most of RU did better than expected to be fair! And as always I had good fun playing with everyone in LO.
Worst Player - **** YOU SOULS
Best Moment of Round - Azzer's return to lock FeR. In second place RU's mass sleep/delete was historic & hilarious, doubly so when some people got so precious about it.
Worst Moment of Round - I guess it was the growing suspicion that cheats were running r1 & the worry that it would make the game untenable.

Alex {Cradle} 31-08-2021 06:36 PM

Alliance of the Round:

GCHQ, good attack good defence proper ftw ally

Best Offensive Alliance:

GCHQ, relentless attacks, we didn't last long

Best Defensive Alliance:

RIP SMED, couldn't get land off of them, I remember when a big 2 v 1 with us and GCHQ was sent and was a full recall

Honourable Mention Alliance:

Undertakers, for participating

Worst Alliance:

Rightunders, gotta stick it out for more then one wave

Best Leader:

Not actually sure who is leading GCHQ but whoever that is

Worst Leader:
QS, for driving us with his usual guidence and luster

Player of the Round - Allied:

Scorpio/Intense, kept us together with defence most of the round

Player of the Round - Solo:

Twigley & Cryo, it's tough being solo as is but being the top was a lot of work

Best Offensive Player:

Dimitar, always came in bang on the right time to steal land / Wouter with those annoying vamps

Best Defensive Player:

Whoever planned RIP SMED defence

Honourable Mention Player:

Leeroy, no rounds complete without leeroy

Worst Player:

Didn't see anyone exceptionally bad

Best Moment of Round:

Convincing everyone to make the Undertakers

Worst Moment of Round:

When all my small droids died

damfrankie 31-08-2021 09:50 PM

This is so funny. Twig creating a thread to have awards handed out;....and than not able to wait for any-one to react and making the first post himself.......collecting all the awards for himself.

Great material for some psychoanalysis.

Yup; you are the very very best. Now do you feel better ?

Twigley 31-08-2021 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by damfrankie (Post 117883)
This is so funny. Twig creating a thread to have awards handed out;....and than not able to wait for any-one to react and making the first post himself.......collecting all the awards for himself.

Great material for some psychoanalysis.

Yup; you are the very very best. Now do you feel better ?

Think youre reading a bit too much into it, although thanks for your kind words.

Always found it odd that the creator of this thread did theirs days later. Like .. you made the thread so why wait? That is where the psychoanalysis should take place.

Anyway - Great contribution - look forward to yours.

edd 01-09-2021 10:33 PM

I would like to open by saying thanks to everyone allied this round. Before Azzer introduced the 12 man limit, we (even Fer) stuck to 10 person teams and that made things pretty interesting. Tech timings and route choices were all over the place, defense was pretty funny and for the first time in a few rounds it took a little time to know which alliance was actually hitting you. I also enjoyed our ally hits vs SP before we started to get 10 man retalled at 2am, 12pm and 8pm.

I know RIPsmed went and got two more but they were not in contention at the time so i'm not fussed about that.

Alliance of the Round:

I don't like to vote for my own alliance and sometimes just skip this one buuuut... given we got properly crushed by SP, came back when LO fell and took a beating from RU for what felt like a long time, then mass restarted, formed a resistance and ended up on top of one of the craziest round ends for a while; I feel like GCHQ actually does deserve this. As leader I am pretty biased, but objectively there's not many alliances that wade through the s*** and then move through the gears as we did. I owe a big thanks to the crew that I've come to love through many solo and allied rounds - we work very well together. I think our chemistry, both in chat and in bush coordination, is the reason we can play competitively and iím proud that we can take on so many new members and still keep the same spirit that we always have.

P.S. double thanks dellie for all the amazing picture edits and ally banners.

Best Offensive Alliance:

Leftovers for probably being the only rank 4 ally in history to steal more off the rank 1 than they lost to rank 1.

Double GCHQ 17,000 15,000

Best Defensive Alliance:

I always appreciate an ally that makes it hard to take land at most points throughout the round, for me Smed did this well, obviously not as well as LO though ;)

Honourable Mention Alliance:

Square planet proved that us sphere believers have to complain to god to win this argument.

Hats off to RU for coming out on top for the most part...and for the biggest upset of all?

LO for doing their own thing, like i keep saying i'll do and then getting sucked into the rabbit hole farther and farther every day the round goes on.

Worst Alliance:


Best Leader:

RU's leader for sweet talking his alliance into oblivion like every good cult leader aims to do...

Worst Leader:

QS/Jesse for the end of truce bs. I've seen the messages and I just can't read them in any way that doesn't make it sound like your side agreed to see out the truce until the morning, only to kill signer 6 hours later.

This is actually two-fold. Ultimately it was this move that we euros all woke up to and were completely enraged by. I don't think i've been so fired up over bush in a long time. This is what spawned the full on FTW mentality we embraced for the last 10 days.

Player of the Round - Allied:

Loz for being a total champ throughout the round but especially our restart period.

Player of the Round - Solo:


Player of the Round

Cryo had a great half round as a solo and I reckon an even better one in GCHQ. He was the brains in the resistance and his rushes and activity/advice went a long way to our success after that. Always watching out for us in all senses, thank you.

Best Offensive Player:

I agree with others that our other harrier with the 50m F117 has been great. Well done Wouter for picking up the triple win.
Souls as well actually, i disliked you this round :P

Best Defensive Player:

GCHQ nightcover has put in a really good round. Such a tough job against SP and now against UT/Smed rushes as well. Thanks guys.

Honourable Mention Player:

Monk, I've very much enjoyed you not being in a bigger alliance than me for most of this round. More of this please.
Toby/Dimitar/whoever else in RU was relentless in offence against us.
Leeroy for trying to do the same thing he did two rounds ago but up against 400m+ striker/rpg/harrier as well as dogs. Good effort anyway.
Scorp/intense for being rocks.
Boogie/Younge for keeping an eye out ;)
First time playing with Fearny, Tom and Loz. I recommend these guys to anyone looking to pick up an extra, really happy to have had the pleasure of their company this round.
Jason for willingly giving up his spot in our ally as he wasn't able to be active when we got our second wind.
Lanky for a sensational PW ;) I think we all enjoyed exploring a different version of bush.

Wouter, Twigley, RU leader - Thanks for tossing away r1 so the unsuspecting fourth choice could find their way to the finish line in first place. GCHQ feels like flight of the conchords.

Worst Player:


Best Moment of Round:

Attacking SP with 6 serf players on day 2/3.

Azzer coming back was such an uplifiting moment for the community.

Seeing our alliance 12/12 with hope for decent BRs again.

Playing with CharlieB for the first time in the PW.

Having success against the resistance. I'm gonna lead a winning ally and not leave for once ;)

Worst Moment of Round:

Getting crushed by SP relentlessly. You all know what it's like to get owned by multis, it just feels annoying/numbing and hopeless. Some want to go crazy active to punish them, some people want to give up and others want to GC to shove it in Fer's face but none of it makes a difference vs the constant and overwhelming activity. Honestly, F*** you Fer.

Younge (GCHQ original leader) dropping out for personal reasons and for Fer. Inheriting leadership when the alliance was in a state of despair, thinking we had nothing left to give this round and that people would be content to just go to the next round if not take a long break for the multi s***. (Thanks to whoever started the mass restarts and to cryo/twigs for joining us and bringing new life).

Lanky 02-09-2021 06:05 PM

This is purely my opinion, people may disagree and are more than welcome to. Before I get accused of circle-jerking with my alliance mates.

Alliance of the Round

I'm going to say GCHQ. Because of the abuse/punishment we endured, but still found the drive to carry on and not give up.

Best Offensive Alliance

I don't actually know who I'm voting for here. RU for smashing everyone and taking the lead? GCHQ for the real offensives, stealing more land than we lost? Smed for being persistent?

Best Defensive Alliance

I'm going to say GCHQ here again, purely for one reason - Edd. It's amazing to watch the composure under such pressure. The calm, collective and rational thinking.

But, Smed and UT did a great job of defending too. It was very hard taking land when not retalliating.

Honourable Mention Alliance

Reason being: Joel Smedley was a great lad, cheeky, funny but also caring. It was awesome to see people in an online game full of internet strangers who dedicated an alliance to someone I went to school with. So thank you.

Worst Alliance

RU for being douches and not letting us get a shot at taking our land back :P

But on a serious note - SP.

Best Leader

Edd, for reasons mentioned above. I love you, man.

Worst Leader

FER!! FU! 'nuff said.

Player of the Round - Allied

As Edd mentioned - Loz for babysitting us and sacrificing all his land while the majority of GCHQ restarted and got fat. Without you baby I wouldn't have gotten the stealer stat!

Player of the Round - Solo


Best Offensive Player

Toss up between FFX with the offensive work he put in with the F117's or Souls for keeping everyone on their toes with the TL rushes.

Best Defensive Player


Honourable Mention Players

Fearny, Tom and Cryo - Don't recall playing with these guys before. But they were a great addition to the team and slotted right in like we'd known them for years.

Worst Player


Best Moment of Round

Waking up to Signer being killed, as a result kicking GCHQ into FTW/Revenge mode. For Caz!

Worst Moment of Round

Waking up to Signer being killed :(

Or RU mass sleeping and deleting

Or being raped into oblivion by SP and as a result the bigger, mean alliances.

NightNinja 29-09-2021 08:56 AM

Alliance of the Round: GC they ended up winning and deserved it.
Best Offensive Alliance: GC they were relentless once they got #1
Best Defensive Alliance: Smed they organized well and fended off us, GC, and RU for a good amount of time.

close second Leftovers only because they tried so hard to stop me when I was killing them one by one.
Honourable Mention Alliance: UnderTakers. The most fun I've had in years with a good group of guys. We defended well and organized some great attacks as well.
Worst Alliance: Right Unders for quitting like that without putting up a fight after having to deal with them waving us for the first two weeks we were an alliance. I get the "why" but could of just died with dignity.
Best Leader: Jesse/QS but I admit I'm biased
Worst Leader: Daichi for organizing a mass sleep followed by a mass delete. Nothing personal just thought all that was a bit much.
Player of the Round - Alex because of the massing of SDs Nanos and TDs at various points
Player of the Round - Wouter well played dude
Best Offensive Player: Me dammit. I killed the most units value wise and had highest damage done for a good bit too. Well done to steal from me Wouter buuuut you had more targets or I would of had it locked down.
Best Defensive Player: Rob no matter how big of a mob I sent at Leftovers he'd send defense even if it was suicidal and he rallied the troops well despite the fact they were at the bottom of the totem pole. Good job.
Honourable Mention Player: Cryo for creating the PW to keep the truce alive during the sleep phase.
Worst Player: I don't know tbh I'm not going to be that guy. No one comes to mind
Best Moment of Round: Getting rank 1 in kills and danger. And actually getting to kill the Extremist guy in RU. And when we formed UnderTakers. 3 way tie.
Worst Moment of Round: when RU quit

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